Handicapped Pet's Rear Wheelchair Frames


Handicapped Pet's Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair range is designed with quality, and your pets lifestyle, wellness and mobility in mind.


The Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair frames are Veterinarian approved for added peace of mind.


As a Walkin' Wheels Certified Dealer I choose to stock, fit and supply the Walkin' Wheels Wheelchairs due to the durability of the frames and the push-button ease of adjusting the frame to fit each pet perfectly.


Seeing pet's improving their mobility  improves their quality of life significantly and this alone truly make my heart sign. Whether your pet enjoys playing hard and running at the beach, or strolls around the home or perhaps Chillaxing with friend's, these frames offer the independent mobility that they all love and deserve.

Walkin' Wheels Frames offer assistance for those pet's who may be suffering from the following conditions:

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Paralysis

  • Paresis

  • Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

  • Surgical Recovery

  • Injury

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Congenital Abnormalities


PRICING (Includes Fitting unless Shipping is required which is an additional cost to buyer):

  • Mini B2 Frame - $350.00

  • Small Frame - $555.00

  • Medium Frame - $775.00

  • Large Frame - $810.00

*The Medium and Large sized frames, fold flat for ease of transporting and storing.


Walkin' Rear-Lift Harness


The Walkin' Lift Rear Harness has been specifically designed to offer support for your dogs hind-end by allowing you to carefully lift your pets rear-end directly above the Hip area which conveniently offers adjustable handles for you and is a crucial element needed whilst gently raising your pet safely and offering them assistance for wee walks etc


This Harness is compatible with the Walkin' Wheels Rear Wheelchairs and can be used in replacement of the Leg Rings.


This Harness can help to reduce the chance of your pet from injuries and aids their recovery by enabling you to have more control of your pets rear-end to gently guide them as needed.


Made of durable canvas and offers soft fleece lining for maximum comfortability for your pet and is completely machine washable.


Allows your pet to urinate and defaecate whist wearing the harness.​



  • XXSmall - $82.50

  • XSmall - $82.50

  • Small - $100.00

  • Medium - $100.00

  • Medium/Large - $117.50

  • Large - $117.50

  • XLarge - $135.00

Walkin' Hock Wrap


The Walkin' Hock Wrap offers joint support/stability whilst maintaining the natural angles of the dog's Hock Joint.


Helps to prevent the Hock from hyper-extending.


Supports Hock Joint medially and laterally.


The Wakin' Hock Warp is made with a soft, comfortable and durable Neoprene material allowing dogs to move more freely.


Allows your pet to continue doing the things they love such as swimming and playing whilst offering support where it's needed.


Provides support for those older puppers who suffer from Osteoarthritis, Joint conditions or for those recovering from Ligament Sprains, Minor Injuries or Recovering from Surgeries.



  • Small - $42.00

  • Medium - $42.00

  • Large - $42.00


Walkin' Hock Hugger


The Walkin' Hock Hugger is more supportive than the Hock Wrap as it hugs the joint both above and below.


Helps by offering support/stability to the Hock joint.


Supports Hock joint medially and laterally.


Helps to prevent the Hock from hyper-extending.


Fits the natural angle of the Hock.


Helps to aid recovery.


Allows your pet the freedom to continue swimming, walking and hiking etc without the strain on the supporting ligaments.


Made with a soft, comfortable and durable Neoprene material.


Machine washable.



  • XSmall - $57.00

  • Small - $57.00

  • Medium - $57.00

  • Large - $57.00


Walkin' Wrist Wrap offers light support/stability to your dog's Wrist (Carpus) joint from all angles.


Supports muscles, tendons and ligaments within the Carpal joint.


Allows your dog to move freely and continue to do what they love most.


Made with a soft, comfortable and durable Neoprene material.


Machine washable.



  • Small - $41.00

  • Medium - $41.00

  • Large - $41.00


Walkin' Wrist Wrap


Walkin' Wrist Hugger


Walkin' Wrist Hugger offers more joint stability/support for the Wrist (Carpus) joint than the Walkin' Wrist Wrap.


Provides support for dogs with osteoarthritis.


Helps to prevent further injury to the Carpus joint.


Supports structures of the Wrist such as Muscle, Tendons and Ligaments.


Ideal for Carpal injury and recovery.


Fits snuggly to your dog's natural angels of their Carpal  joint.


Made with a soft, comfortable and durable Neoprene material.


Machine washable.



  • XSmall - $45.00

  • Small - $45.00

  • Medium - $45.00

  • Large - $45.00

Walkin' Rear No-Knuckling Training Sock


Walkin' No-Knuckling Training Sock is designed to be used as a training tool only to help correct gait function, improve proprioception awareness and to correct knuckling-over of your pets paw.


Stimulates a dog between their toes which causes them to pick their foot up higher and to place in a natural position on the ground.


Perfect to help with their recovery and rehabilitation from spinal surgery or for those suffering from IVDD.


The sock is lightweight, adjustable and comfortable for your pet to use for 2-5 mins at a time for re-training gait and proprioception purposes.


Made with a soft, comfortable and durable Neoprene material.


Machine washable.



  • XSmall - $68.00

  • Small - $74.00

  • Medium - $89.00

  • Large - $105.00


Help-Em-Up Harness


A full-body mobility harness aid, highly recommended by most Veterinarians and Physical Therapists. This harness system literally lifts the lives of the aging or recovering dog's. A pair of handles are conveniently placed over the shoulder and hip regions which allows you to lend support at any time and is perfectly positioned for optimal functionality over the correct area's so as not to add any unnecessary strain to your pet by lifting under your their belly region, potentially adding pressure to your pet's abdominal organs and forcing your pet to then tuck up and hyperflex their spines which is not ideal for any dog but especially for those pet's suffering from Inter-vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Spinal Spondylosis, Spinal Stenosis or any pet recovering from Hip Dysplasia or any Hind-End Weakness issues as this action can cause further inflammation! This is why the Help-Em-Up Harness is considered the 'Superior' Harness for most pet's!



  • XSmall - $135.00

  • Small - $150.00

  • Medium - $165.00

  • Large - $175.00

  • XLarge - $185.00