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Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional and Rehabilitation Therapies


My enthusiasm for Rehabilitation within the Veterinary Industry started when I achieved my Certification in Rehabilitation in 2003. I'm a Certified Canine Myo-Functional Therapist (CMMFT) as well as having achieved a Certification in Kinesiology Taping by RockTape Australia in 2017. With my extensive knowledge and skills as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, you can ensure your pet is in safe and caring hands.

With the varied, proven - safe techniques and modalities I use, I can enhance Neuro-Muscular Function, improve Proprioception Awareness, improve Bone Density and assist in reducing your pets' pain by alleviating spasms from active Trigger Points. I can improve Joint Range of Motion, Re-Train correct Gait Function and improve over-all Muscle, Joint and Fascia health. I can help remove accumulated fluid (Edema) or inflammation surrounding joints. Increase Blood and Lymphatic flow as well as decompressing Nerves - hence helping to reduce inflammation and pain. I am Certified by Handicapped Pet's to fit their Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair Frames to assist all Neurological, Paresis/Paralysed or weak hind-end patient's to become independent movers once again. 

If your pet is the speedy sport or working dog type or perhaps you may have the quieter - older pet who may be suffering from Osteoarthritis pain? Your best friend may have suffered an acute injury and required surgical correction? I am happy to liaise with your Veterinarian to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet on their road to recovery.

I can confidently say that Rehabilitation will benefit your pet!

Old Age is NOT a disease! Osteoarthritis for example is a debilitating and chronic process!

I use and apply only safe and proven Rehabilitation methods whilst using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage the patient to perform exercises in a fun and rewarding manner in the comfort of their own homes.


  • $110.00 for Initial Session which includes Assessment, Treatment and Individual Homework Plan

  • $75.00 per Session (Treatment time 60-75mins) Plus Travel Costs calculated at $2.50 per 10Klms

  • Application of Kinesiology RockTape - $5 Small Dog

  • Application of Kinesiology RockTape - $10 Medium Dog

  • Application of Kinesiology RockTape - $15 Large Dog

  • Handicapped Pets Walkin Wheels Frame Hire - $50 per/week for Small Frame

  • Handicapped Pets Walkin Wheels Frame Hire - $75 per/week for Standard/Medium Frame

  • Handicapped Pets Walkin Wheels Frame Hire - $100 per/week for Large Frame


PLEASE NOTE: I Am a registered INTERNATIONAL DEALER for HANDICAPPED PET'S. For more information, please take a look at my Products link. Any questions, please message or call - I'm happy to help!


Pet Sitting

We know and appreciate that when you're happily planning for that well-earned family holiday or that trip of a life time, it can perhaps be a stressful time due to the realities of often excessive costs involved with working out the best options for your much loved furry family members. Kennel facilities can be expensive, especially for those who are a multi-pet household.

This is where 'Chillax Pet Care Services' can help!

You can be assured that with my Veterinary Nurse background, ALL your pet's including not only Dog's and Cat's but also the Equine, Livestock, Feathered and even the scaly types will all be professionally cared for in their own familiar and comfortable surrounds at an affordable price.

We know all too well of the realities of the stresses placed unintentionally on our pets' and what they can potentially experience when they are taken out of their familiar surrounds. This can cause health issues such as mild to severe anxiety, depression and/or unwanted anxiety behaviours such as aggression towards other pets. General stress, lack of confidence, loss of appetite and maybe excessive vocalization to name only a few can occur.

I'm comfortable and confident in administering any form of medications that your pet may need from ear washes/drops/ointments, topical ointments or applications, oral medications to injections. I can administer Insulin injections for those with a pet with Diabetes and monitor their condition daily to ensure their food uptake is adequate and therefore their diabetes is being well managed. Please note that I DO NOT charge extra for administering any form of medication. I DO NOT charge extra for Public Holiday's or Peak periods.

My service is Insured for added peace of mind!

Let me help to take the unnecessary stress out of your holiday planning while you get that break away you so deserve - guilt free!



  • Once Daily Visit - 30min duration - $32

  • Once Daily Visit - 45min duration - $40

  • Once Daily Visit - 60min duration - $50

  • Twice Daily Visits - 30min duration each visit - $60 NOTE: REDUCED RATE!

  • Twice Daily Visits with a longer duration required - Please contact for special rates.

  • Shuttle Pet for Emergency Veterinary Visit - $20 min plus Travel expenses charged at $2.50 per 10klms.


  • FREE Introductory Visit Offered!

  • There are NO Public Holiday Surcharges.

  • There are NO High Peak Season Surcharges.

  • There are NO extra charges for Medicating Pet's.

  • There are NO extra Dog Walking Fees charged when walking within the agreed allocated and requested time frame.


Dog Walking and Exercising

Dogs with Dog Walker

I offer this as a part of my pet services because I understand and believe the importance of a well exercised and stimulated dog!

I can help to keep your dog or dog's happily stimulated with regular walks, fun play time with interactive games with not only the intention of the obvious physical exercise benefits but also I feel just as importantly, to mentally stimulate your pet.

These two approaches helps to reduce anxiety behaviours and they are often much more relaxed in general.


  • $27 - 30min duration

  • $35 - 45min duration

  • $45 - 60min duration

NOTE: FREE Introductory Visit Offered!

NOTE: I do not charge extra for Dog Walking whilst I'm Pet Sitting so long as it is performed within the allocated agreed Pet Sitting time frame!

Opening Hours

Mon: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Tue: 9:30am - 4:00pm
Wed: 9:30am - 9:00pm
Thu: 9:30am - 5:00pm
Fri: 9:30am - 4:00pm
Sat: 10.00am - 4:00pm - Pet Sitting ONLY!

Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm - Pet Sitting ONLY!

Please note: For Special circumstances such as meeting the requirement's for Diabetic Pet's, I can offer my Pet Sitting Services outside of these Opening Hours!

Please let me know in your detailed inquiry below if this is the case - Thank you!