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  • Jules has been working extensively with Small Animal Companions her entire working career as a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over 26 yrs and has helped improve the lives of many dog's in her care.

  • Jules realised her passion was to become a Multi-modality Canine Therapist to enrich the lives of her animal patient's so her journey began with gaining a Certification as a Rehabilitation Therapist in 2003 which included gaining vital information, training and further insight into Canine Anatomy and the Bio-mechanics of Canines in Movement which led her into developing invaluable skills utilising specialised Fitness Equipment for Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation purposes.                   

  • It was the support by her professional peers within the Veterinary industry that encouraged her to continue on her journey path into Canine Rehab so she delved in deeper to complete another Certification as a Canine Myo-Functional Therapist (CMFT) in 2017.

  • Jules also became Certified in 2003 as a Clinical Massage Therapist and converted those skills learned into being an effective treatment modality for use on our canine friends.

  • In 2017, Jules completed a Certification course as a 'Canine RockTape Therapist' with the intention of adding the Kinesiology Taping Therapies to her practice modalities.

  • Jules completed her Certification in Canine Hydrotherapy (CHT) run by Animal Physiotherapist Michelle Monk from Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy in 2021 & Jules plans on adding this Rehabilitative Therapy to her multi-modality tool bag offering many more therapeutic benefits for our companion animal's. Jules is extremely passionate and enthusiastic to be able to add Hydrotherapy to her Alternative Therapies in the near future. 

  • Jules is currently working on her 'Laser Therapy' certifications and hopes to complete this in 2022 of which the plan is for her to add Laser Therapy to her practice also.

  • Chillax Canine Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy is a small local business providing Professional Canine Myo-Functional, Rehabilitative & Conditioning Services within the Wollondilly, Macarthur, Camden, Penrith, Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury regions since April 2017.

  • Jules is backed professionally by being fully insured for added peace of mind through Insurance House (Prorisk) covering Medical Malpractice/Professional Indemnity & Public Liability.

  • Jules thrives when working as a part of your pet's 'team' by ensuring continuity of patient care by providing a detailed session report back to your chosen Veterinarian or Clinic upon completion of the patients 'Initial Assessment' which includes an in-depth Subjective, Objective, a Functional & Gait Assessment Report including a Home-Care Management Plan including any further recommendations that she feels will benefit your pet such as other Alternative Therapies, Joint Supplements, Rehabilitative/Conditioning Exercises and Veterinary Pain Management.

  • Jules' Professional Industry Membership is held through the governing body here in Australia 'ACRA' (Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association) and IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork-Association of Canine Water Therapy)

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  • Jules is only one of a few Certified Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair Frame Fitting Specialist and International Dealer for the US company - Handicapped Pet's. Handicapped Pet's offer an extensive range of Mobility Aids such as Wheelchair Frames, Splints, Spinal Braces, No-Knuckling Training Socks and many harnesses to name a few. If we don't routinely stock the item you are after, please just let us know and we'll be happy to arrange this on your behalf as a special order and still be able to offer you a great discounted price!

  • Jules is an International Dealer/Stockist for the amazing Help-Em-Up Harness also, so please click on the 'Help-Em-Up Harness link above-under the 'Products' link for more information on how these harnesses can literally help lift the lives of puppers needing that added support!


I urge you to explore the rest of the site to learn more about what we have to offer, and please feel free to get in touch with any questions via E: or PH: 0425 202 663 (Text is preferred as phone reception can be patchy when in rural area's). You are welcome to also send through any pics or short videos via Messenger or WhatsApp of your pupper in movement if you would like to know more on which products, modalities or mobility aid's would be best suited for your pet at that time!

To learn more about the Walkin' Wheels products we have readily available to purchase, please click on the 'Products' link above and gives Jules a call to discuss ordering & payment options!

Chillax Canine Rehab & Hydro is here for you and your Pets!

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Professional Practioners Training & Credentials

* Certified Canine Myofunctional Therapist (Holistic Animal Bodywork Studies by Angels Animals - Dr Angelique Barbara)

* Certified Canine Hydrotherapy Therapist (Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy by Michelle Monk-Animal Physiotherapist and              Rehabilitation Therapist) 

* Certified Kinesiology Taping Therapist (RockTape Australia)

* Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapies (K9 Physiotherapy Services by Dr Helen Nicholson-Animal Physiotherapist)

* Certified Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair Fitting Specialist and Australian Stockist (Handicapped Pets)

* Certified Massage Therapist (College of Nepean Natural Therapeutics by John Crothers)

* Certified IV Veterinary Nursing (TAFE NSW-Ultimo)

* Course Training Clinical Teaching, Skills Teaching & Assessment (Postgraduate Medical Council of VIC - PMCV by Sydney University)

* Animal Cold Laser Therapy Certification Course (Holistic Animal Bodywork Studies by Angels Animals - Dr Angelique Barbara)          Currently completing

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Jules has been providing Rehabilitation for my dog Leo, since he had a surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament a few months ago. Leo is 11 years and has quite advanced osteoarthritis. He was already stiff before surgery so I was worried about how he would cope with such a big procedure. Since Jules has been 'working on him', he is more comfortable and has more energy than he has had in years. He loves the sessions with her and happily lies still for the entire time and seems to get both immediate and longer-lasting relief from the therapy (and the treats)!

I would highly recommend Jules as she provides a thorough, convenient and highly beneficial service!

Dr Christina Baxter

To Julie Holmes - I wish to express my total gratitude to you for caring for Ruggles over the last several years with your remedial massage techniques. Thanks to your unstinting dedication to Ruggles' wellbeing, my boy enjoyed life to the fullest and despite very severe bilateral hip dysplasia, severe pivot shift in both stifles along with elbow dysplasia and deteriorating carpi, Ruggsy enjoyed his life to the fullest right up until near his end time when, eventually, his pain relief failed him. Throughout his life, Ruggles rejoiced in playing hard at every opportunity, loved to meet people and delighted in life generally. You massaged away his 'ouchies' along with muscle strengthening exercises to better support Ruggles' terrible joints. Ruggles thoroughly relished all the extra years of life your care and compassion enabled the boy to enjoy than would have been the case without your skill, years that both Ruggles and I his dad delighted in - memories of Ruggles that remain fresh and precious and there are not words enough to express my gratitude for that!

Arthur Witten

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